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A 100% free running app to obtain your own personalised training plan.

Kiprun Pacer app gives you exactly the right dose at each session of your training plan. A running plan that includes recovery sessions so you can push your limits without hurting yourself.

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App Kiprun Pacer

The advantages

  • Set the right
    goal for running

    Precision is key to progression.

  • For running

    Now you can go all out, safe in the knowledge that you can anticipate injuries and prevent them.

  • The plan that
    moves with you

    Kiprun Pacer helps you accurately set your time and distance goals.

  • Pros at your

    Do you have any questions? Get expert advice.

Fixed plan

  • Personalised plan for your distance
  • Generic goal
  • Duration fixed and compulsory
  • Fixed plan
  • Generic training paces
  • No syncing of sessions
  • Only running
  • No coaching
  • Free

Kiprun Pacer

  • Personalised plan for your distance
  • Personalised plan for your time
  • Personalised plan duration
  • Evolving plan
  • Personalised training paces
  • Sessions synced to your watch
  • Inbuilt recovery sessions
  • Find out your VO2max
  • 100% free!

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Still want to stay on a fixed plan? Still want to stay on a fixed plan?

Our experts
behind the app

Jérôme Sordello


The expertise
behind Pacer

Coach, instructor, fitness trainer and author of "La Bible du Running". Jérôme's versatility puts him in an ideal position to analyse each discipline from a scientific and practical perspective, and assist sportsmen and women in their practices.

Thomas Planque


The experience
behind Pacer

As an official VAFA coach, Thomas has used his experience and expertise to lay out the main guidelines structuring the Kiprun Pacer app.

Cédric Morio


The science
behind Pacer

Cédric is R&D engineer at SportsLab, Decathlon's Research & Development branch. With a PhD in Sports Science, he's the real brains behind Kiprun Pacer. Cédric is also a state-certified Athletics instructor and associate editor of the scientific journal "European Journal of Sport Science".