with Kiprun Pacer

A free running app to get your own personalised running or trail training plan.

Getting ready for a marathon, half, 10k, or trail? With Kiprun Pacer, you can get the right dose of effort at each session of your plan. A running program that includes recovery and strenghtening sessions so you can push your limits without hurting yourself.

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Raise the bar
without hurting yourself

  • Get the ultimate running target

    Accuracy is the key to your progress.
    Kiprun Pacer helps you set your time and distance targets accurately.

  • Get your training plan

    Just for your strides.
    Kiprun Pacer offers you a training plan that takes into account your level, your targets and your needs.

  • Be coached at all times

    Let yourself be coached.
    Your dashboard guides, supports and advises you throughout your training plan.

  • Keep your motivation

    To surpass yourself without injury, your body needs regular training. The app challenges you and motivates you to make you want to work on your strides all year round.
    And it shows in your results.

  • Live your passion more intensely

    The better you train, the more you enjoy every effort.
    Kiprun Pacer not only improves your times but also enhances your experience, your well-being, and your passion for running.

For running

Up to 50% of runners have to stop running due to injury.

With Kiprun Pacer, you'll learn to listen to your body properly.
Now you can go all out, safe in the knowledge that you can anticipate injuries and prevent them.

Kiprun Pacer seeks to help all runners keep on running.
At the track, on race day. But also in everyday life.

Kiprun Pacer,
by runners for runners.

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Our experts
behind the app

Jérôme Sordello


The expertise
behind Pacer

Coach, instructor, fitness trainer and author of "La Bible du Running". Jérôme's versatility puts him in an ideal position to analyse each discipline from a scientific and practical perspective, and assist sportsmen and women in their practices.

Thomas Planque


The experience
behind Pacer

As an official VAFA coach, Thomas has used his experience and expertise to lay out the main guidelines structuring the Kiprun Pacer app.

Cédric Morio


The science
behind Pacer

Cédric is R&D engineer at SportsLab, Decathlon's Research & Development branch. With a PhD in Sports Science, he's the real brains behind Kiprun Pacer. Cédric is also a state-certified Athletics instructor and associate editor of the scientific journal "European Journal of Sport Science".


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