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Yoann Kowal during a training camp in Font Romeu


Runners of the KIPRUN RACE (1 October 2022, in Lille) Runners of the KIPRUN RACE
(1 October 2022, in Lille)


Born out of a shoe,
born out of a marathon

From a sentence heard during the New York City Marathon, “ keep on running ” is a mantra that runs through the heads of runners during the final kilometres…

In 2010, “ Kiprun ” became the “signature” of the first performance running shoe from the Kalenji brand: the Kiprun 1000.

In 2018, the brand decided to target competitive road runners in particular. This is how the new story with 21 running enthusiasts began.

In 2021, Kiprun became a performance brand bringing together 40 addicts of running with the aim of supporting runners in achieving their goals.

Since then, we’ve grown and become the brand of all runners. From beginner to expert, from road running to trail running. We are now 103 individuals passionate about running in the broad sense, no doubt like you, who are reading these few lines.

Our beliefs,
our dream

Pushing your limits is a rite of passage, a wholesome challenge everyone should attempt.

Running is the most accessible competitive sport. It gives every runner the power to push their boundaries and it helps make the world a better place.

Running unites people around a shared aim, while respecting the goals of the individual.

Our dream? For every person in the world to one day become a finisher, for them to feel pride in what they’ve achieved, the pride of having given everything, the pride of crossing the line with a desire to do it all over again.


Behind the scenes:
Observation, creativity, design, and testing.

  • User observation
  • Computational design
  • Monsters, prototypes in our prototyping workshops until we’re satisfied with the result
  • Choice of components, materials and colours
  • Industrial prototyping, final lab and user tests



Yoann Kowal in the studio for a reveal shoot of his collaboration with KIPRUN Yoann Kowal in the studio for a reveal shoot of his collaboration with KIPRUN

Yoann Kowal

#Road To Paris 2024

Yoann Kowal is a worldrenowned athletics champion with several French championship titles under his belt in the 1,500m and 3,000m steeplechase.
He was also European champion in 2014 and earned a superb 5th place at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the same discipline.

He is an athlete with growing ambitions, and KIPRUN is helping him towards his next goal: qualifying for the Paris Olympics in the legendary marathon.

Milestones completed:

  • Seville Half Marathon, 30/01/22 in 63”08
  • Intensive training in Kenya at 2,400m altitude
  • Lille half marathon, 03/20/22 in 62”17
  • 10,000m European Cup (a win for the French team)
  • The Med’ Games in Oran
  • Paris 10K 05/02/23 (winning time of 29”42)

On October 2, 2022, Yoann tried his hand at the iconic London Marathon for the first timeExperience this first marathon from the inside.

Experience his first marathon from behind the scenes. Experience, emotion, overcoming your limits. These were the words that came to mind when Yoann crossed the finish line after 2 hours, 27 minutes and 59 seconds of relentless physical and mental effort.

The Paris marathon will be his next test!

Feel the buzz & Follow Yoann with us via @kiprunrunning

Paul Chelimo for a reveal shoot of her collaboration with KIPRUN Paul Chelimo for a reveal shoot of her collaboration with KIPRUN

Paul Chelimo

#Two-time American Olympic medalist

KIPRUN teams are delighted to welcome a new member to their team with the signing of Paul CHELIMO, an American athlete of Kenyan origin. As a 5,000m specialist, Paul intends to challenge himself on long distance and co-creation with his new equipment supplier

#From Kenyan strides to the American Dream

Paul took his first steps and strides at the age of 9 in Iten, the birthplace of running. At the age of 20, in 2010, Paul decided to move to Arkansas, in the United States, to run with Shorter College and the National Junior College Athletic Association. In 2014, he joined the United States Army and its elite athletic program, and was later granted U.S. citizenship.

Milestones completed:

  • 5,000m Silver Olympic medal in Rio in 2016
  • 5,000m Bronze Olympic medal in Tokyo in 2021
  • winning the title at the USA Track and Field Championships (5,000m)

This new collaboration between the equipment manufacturer and the athlete therefore makes perfect sense in order to support his sporting goals starting in April 2023.

Feel the buzz & follow Paul with us via @kiprunrunning

Méline Rollin in the studio for a reveal shoot of her collaboration with KIPRUN Méline Rollin in the studio for a reveal shoot of her collaboration with KIPRUN

Méline Rollin

#Road To Paris 2024

25-year-old Meline Rollin is a specialist in Cross Country and 10km track & road. She has already been selected 5 times for the French national team.

A promising athlete who has become the KIPRUN team’s first female athlete.

Milestones completed:

  • The Paris half, 06/03/22, in 1h11”22
  • 10,000m European Cup (6th place)
  • The Med’ Games in Oran (8th place)
  • Valencia Marathon, 04/12/22 in 2h30’27”. This was the 10th fastest time ever recorded in France.
  • Amsterdam Marathon, 15/10/23 in 2h26’58”.
  • Sevilla Marathon, 18/02/24 in 2h24’12”. French National Record and Olympic standard.

With these achievements, Méline has further staked her claim as one of France’s elite athletes.

Feel the buzz & follow Méline with us via @kiprunrunning

42 House



SO WHAT IS 42 HOUSE? It’s a house that embraces a unique set of values to deliver sports training and personal support for the benefit of KIPRUN athletes. It’s a house that will give them the keys to sustainable global success.

The 42 HOUSE is a unique project, in line with DECATHLON’s values and its mission to make sport a lever for global fulfillment. In this sense, it is both the athlete AND the man and woman who become better through sport. This ambition lies at the heart of the 42 HOUSE DNA: to help athletes win and progress, but also to support and help people grow. That’s why the project is so unique, and why it’s so useful for athletes as a whole.

The differentiating factor of the 42 HOUSE in Iten, Kenya, lies in its capacity to foster performance, product excellence and overall excellence among athletes and across all facets of the KIPRUN brand.

Kenya may have spawned numerous champions, but it’s a country with considerable challenges and difficulties, faced not just by aspiring runners but by some of the greatest runners in the world.

The 42 HOUSE is a house and location at high altitude in Iten, in the Rift Valley, where proximity and sharing are the keys to athletic development and success, and which opened its doors in November 2023 to 14 of our KIPRUN athletes.

Feel the buzz & follow the 42 House with us via @kiprunrunning


KS900 light / KS900.2

M Foam
Designed for passionate longdistance runners, or those looking for stability due to their weight or preferences.

KD900 light / KD900X LD

Designed for runners looking for a lightweight, agile shoe to help them run faster.
The KD900 light & KD900X LD perform particularly well during interval training and races.

KS900 closeup



If cushioning were a running shoe, the KS900.2 would be it.

Cushioning is an essential quality for runners. It protects them from repeated impacts and is key to their preparation for everyday races and long-distance runs.

The KS900.2 has been designed for all types of runner. Whatever your build, training frequency or goal, it's the perfect shoe for long-distance running.
The secret? Forefoot cushioning that’s superior to the KS900 released in 2022.

How? We’ve increased the sole thickness – 33 mm in the forefoot and 39 mm in the heel, to be precise. And we’ve reduced the stiffness of the forefoot by 47% compared with the KS900.

The result? Perfectly balanced cushioning between the forefoot and heel.

In terms of aesthetics, just one look and you’ll find it hard to resist trying on this shoe with its soft cushion look and feel.

What is it that catches the eye? The padded look of the foam, for one thing, which literally reminds you of the comfort of a mattress. It’s not for nothing that the foam is called MFOAM: “M” for “Mattress”.

When developing the KS900.2, the brand's design teams worked hard to distil the very essence of cushioning to make passionate runners feel supported and reassured.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 300 g in size 42
    245 g in size 38
  • DROP: 6 mm

Available for men and women

Runner with KS900
Runner with KS900
Runner with KS900
KS900 light

KIPRUN KS900 Light

The KS900 Light is the most versatile shoe in the Cushion Stability range. With its sleek design, this new model does not need to compromise between comfort, cushioning and a lightweight feel.

Optimized comfort
Equipped with ultra-soft MFOAM technology – with its thick honeycomb foam – the KS900 light provides maximum comfort and cushioning to support athletes on a regular basis over long distances.

This ultra-soft and reactive foam provides real comfort for miles. Weighing less than 252 g (42), this shoe provides a lightweight feel and makes running seem completely effortless.

Maximum stability
The wide geometry of the KS900 light, combined with premium rubber, ensures excellent grip on wet ground, even at top speed, giving you the performance needed for your track training sessions or races.

This base offers better force distribution to provide good stability during races, especially over long distances. It absorbs shocks efficiently and provides excellent ankle support for when your foot hits the ground.

An elegant silhouette
The upper design is clean and efficient. The KS900 Light is composed predominantly of a clever breathable mesh that doesn’t feature any unnecessary insets. The lighter components give this new model a strong, energetic design.

  • CUSHIONING: M FOAM / Soft cushioning
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 252 g in size 42
    205 g in size 38
  • DROP: 8 mm
Runner with KD900

KIPRUN KD900 light


Want to reach your maximum speed? Featuring VFOAM, these shoes are ultra light and deliver great energy return to propel you forward, whether you're training or racing.


The VFOAM provides renewed feel.It delivers unrivalled propulsion to optimise your performance.

Our technical partner ARKEMA, a leader in this market, developed our VFOAM.The KD900 Light model promises to help you push your limits and rapidly boost your reference speed over short distances.


When you're running, the lighter the shoe, the more energy you save!So, when designing the KIPRUN KD900 Light, our teams chose to use lighter components, without making any sacrifices on the comfort front.Designed to provide maximum propulsion, the shoes feature minimal geometry and the mesh is breathable and lightweight for comfortable running.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 196 g in 42
    165 g in 38
  • DROP: 6 mm

Available for men and women

KD900 light green
KD900 light yellow
KD900 light white
KD900 light Purple




The KD900X LD was co-designed with our athletes to help runners perform in long-distance competitions.

Ready to push yourself and beat your own record? With the new VFOAM PLUS foam and carbon plate, your marathon will be a real pleasure!

The lightness of the KD900X LD is also and above all expressed by its design, where the aim was to create a second skin, thanks to a very openwork mesh, light and flexible. The foot is forgotten, the sensation of the sole on the foot is very present and does not leave the runner in search of performance.

Finally, the sense of detail is expressed to the end, with the KIPRUN logo, which is now located at the front of the foot, so that the runner feels an incomparable closeness... But also a strong desire for the team to assert its identity on this shoe, now the standard bearer of the KIPRUN performance range. And who calls on others to come and expand the family soon!

In terms of colors, the desire was to bring out this endorphin that we secrete, and this energy that is released when we run. The choice fell on very vibrant colors, which call for you to go beyond your limits, to transcend yourself to be a finisher and beat your own records!

  • CUSHIONING: Pebax VFOAM Plus / carbon plate ENERGY RETURN
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 206g in 42
    170 g in 38
  • DROP: 4 mm
  • GRIP: 5 stars rubber for excellent grip on wet roads and bends

Available for men and women



TANK RUN 900 Light
TANK RUN 900 Light
Short Run 500 Split
KD900 Light
TANK RUN 900 Light
TANK RUN 900 Light
Short Run 500 Split
KD900 Light
TANK RUN 900 Light


TANK 900
TANK 900
TANK 900
TANK 900
KD900 Light


Decathlon x Coros: the saga continues.

GPS900, the co-designed outdoor watch.
After the release of the GPS500 watch in early 2022, we’re expanding our offering of COROS co-designed watches, with the launch of the brand new GPS900!

The GPS900 watch has all the features of its little sister – the GPS500 – with additional features dedicated to outdoor activities.

Love outdoor sports? Looking for a watch you can take anywhere? A running partner for taking on mountains, oceans, paths or roads, that you could wear every day, and turn to and say, «It’s #Timeforadventure»?

The GPS900 by Coros is made for you! The technology embedded is approved by the greatest champions, including Kilian Jornet and Eliud Kipchogee – partners of equipment manufacturer Coros – this solid and

premium watch is a blend of technologies just waiting to be tested by the most demanding of adventurers.


  • GPS / GPS+GLONASS / GPS + Beidou
  • Altimeter / Barometer / Compass
  • Navigation in breadcrumb mode / return to starting point function
  • 35H battery life in GPS mode (80h in UltraMax* mode), until 30 days in daily mode

Technical specifications:

  • Gorilla Glass
  • 46 mm ABS Case
  • Weight 58g
  • Color: Black



Blandine L’Hirondel at Lac Vert in Passy during a women’s team gathering, weekend of 10/07/22 © Manuella Feuillet

Blandine L’hirondel

Blandine is our team’s star athlete, the headliner and the best ambassador the trail brand could have, both on a human and sporting level.

Sparkling, smiling, exuding the joys of life and the taste for success. If trail running were an image, that image would be Blandine.

  • European Champion 2022 (Long Trail)
  • Winner of the CCC (UTMB Race 2022)
  • 2022 World Champion (Long Trail)
  • Voted Athlete of the Year by the FFA 2022

Obstetrician gynaecologist at the Mende hospital in Lozère, Blandine is embarking on a season full of challenges.

Will she be the first female three-time long trail world champion next June in Austria?

2023 will also see her tackling her first 100 miles, again near Chamonix at the end of August during the prestigious UTMB.

There is no doubt that the big trail family at Decathlon and her friends from the EVADICT Women’s Team will all be behind her.

The women’s team on a long run in central Cantal © Simon Dugué The women’s team on a long run in central Cantal

Evadict women team


An insane challenge and a wide variety of athletes led by Philippe Propage. This is our chance to put our values and products at the forefront of international trail running.

A mad gamble, but one that has paid off.

Our 100% female team, with its wide-ranging personalities and racing abilities, helps add a feminine touch to trail running. Both in the design of our products and the incredible tales of adventure that our 10 trail runners have experienced.

Thank you to:

  • Marie Dohin
  • Camille Thire-Monnier
  • Laurie Phai
  • Céline Finas
  • Mélanie Finas
  • Jade Rodriguez
  • Clémentine Geoffray
  • Adeline Martin
  • Sarah Vieuille
  • Blandine L’hirondelle


Creator and designer of shoes

Designed for trail runners looking for that lightweight, dynamic feel.
Our Race Light shoes are a formidable all-terrain competition shoe!

Runner with mtc2


The MT CUSHION 2 offers soft, comfortable and durable cushioning!

Entirely redesigned by our team, the iconic MT CUSHION 2 offers you a top level of expertise, with its lightweight and breathable MATRYX® textile providing great cushioning, comfort, and added durability.

MT CUSHION, what does that mean?

The letters ‘MT’ are a nod to the mountain, the trail runner’s favourite terrain. So they’re mountain shoes, but not exclusively – they’re suitable for all terrains and trails, from rocky to muddy to dry. “You have to imagine yourself running on a light, soft and fluffy cushion. The MT CUSHION 2 is a shoe that protects and supports”, says Thierry, product manager. CUSHION refers to the cushioning that gives you that nice comfortable feel when you run. It’s a by-word for fun and high-performance!

The feedback you gave us for improvement allowed us to challenge ourselves and make progress with the second version of the MT CUSHION, which we are even more proud of.

Enhancements include:

  • a new stud design for reliable and durable grip,
  • a reworked midsole for even softer cushioning,
  • and a new 100% MATRYX® textile upper (woven in Ardèche) for great durability.

“A lighter product means lower CO2 impact. So by reducing the number of components, by purifying the shoe, and by opting for an ultra-durable, lightweight material such as MATRYX®, we have saved 15.5% CO2 for the men’s shoe and 12% for the women’s, versus the previous version. The laces are also recycled, and the reinforcements, tongue mesh and insole lining are designed in recycled polyester”, says Manon, product engineer.

The MT CUSHION 2 has been approved and adopted by the athletes of our EVADICT WOMEN’S TEAM, and in particular by our double world champion. Blandine L’Hirondel wore the MT CUSHION 2 during the first part of the Long Trail World Championships (80 km), which she won in Thailand in October 2022. She also wore this shoe during her preparation for the CCC®, in August 2022. Its lightweight feel, cushioning and excellent foot support make it perfect for Blandine.



  • STUDS: 5mm
  • TERRAIN: Varied
  • CUSHIONING: Soft cushioning / Full Kalensole soft - Matryx® textile - new outsole
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 290 g in size 42
    255 g in size 38
  • DROP: 4 mm
  • DURABILITY: Matryx® textile
Man with mtc2
Woman with mtc2
Runner with racelight


A lightweight and dynamic feel for running fast!

The Race Light is an allterrain short trail shoe, for competitors who run up to 40km looking for speed and performance.

The Race Light has been exclusively designed for trail runners eager to compete. Light and dynamic, it hugs the feet perfectly. The essential asset for climbing to the top of the rankings.

THE Race Light: the story of a shoe designed for running fast.

It’s fair to say, the Race Light was the missing element we so desperately needed. It is the essential shoe, but it is not made for everyone. It is aimed at runners with specific, often overlooked requirements that not all trail runners share. And that’s the way it should be – there’s only one place on the podium!

Once we realised this, nothing could stop us. Our minds were made up: those who run fastest deserve the support of the Race Light.

Matryx®: A high-end material for added performance and quality.

Produced in the Rhône-Alpes region Matryx® is a highquality, patented material well-known in the world of trail running. Ultra resistant, light and breathable, it is actually high tenacity polyester coated with polyurethane (resistant to tears and rubbing, highly breathable). We chose to add aramid yarn to the weave for even more support.

We are proud to reveal this awesome collaboration!


  • DYNAMISM: Upbar Pebax®
  • DURABILITY: Matryx® textile
  • TERRAIN: Varied
  • STUDS: 5 mm
  • DROP: 4 mm
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 225 g in size 42
    200 g in size 39
Racelight blue RACELIGHT Buy

Available for men and women

Racelight sole